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Inaugural Post

Welcome to my new blog: Droning On.  This blog ms dedicated to the emerging art of aerial photography, and the complexities involved in owning and operating a UAV in the United States.  I will touch on privacy and regulations from time to time, but the focus is primarily on photography.

I decided to start this blog after watching a House subcommittee hearing on UAVs and thinking about what the next step should be in my amateur photography experience.  Not surprisingly, the FAA is taking longer than expected to establish regulations for UAVs in the United States.  It has created what some call a “Wild West” in the skies.  Commercial use is prohibited without a license, but recreational users can use UAVs, subject to certain restrictions.  Unfortunately, the commercial users are generally better trained than their recreational counterparts.  Photographers can use their UAVs to take photos, but cannot do so legally if they are doing so for commercial purposes

I think UAVs are great – both for fun and business, but they need to be used responsibly.  If you are receiving or giving one for Christmas this year, please consider the legal requirements and respect the privacy and safety of others.

Here is an article I wrote recently regarding the hearing: FAA TESTIFIES TO CONGRESS: MORE UAS DELAYS.

A quick note about the banner:  I took the photo from a ferry in “Plum Gut,” a passage off of Long Island.  It was a beautiful sunset, but imagine the photo if I had a camera-equipped UAV!  I don’t have a UAV (yet!), so I don’t have any pictures to use from the air.  Hopefully that will change, but for now enjoy the sunset.