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Dave Lincoln is the founder of Duke of Drones UAS, which discusses UAS issues, laws, and regulations.  Areas of expertise include FAA regulation, local airspace restrictions, local privacy and trespass law, federal export and contracting compliance, insurance requirements, and cyber security.  He has attended test flights, lectured to UAS audiences, and provided advice to Congressmen and Presidential candidates.

Prior to founding Duke of Drones, Dave was an associate at a law firm in Connecticut and wrote numerous articles for the firm. He is a semi-professional photographer and has research experience at a large imaging company.

Dave is currently on active duty in the US Navy JAG Corps and was in the Nuclear Power Program earlier in his naval career.  While he is admitted to practice law, Duke of Drones provides non-legal reviews of UAS issues.

My interest in UAS started with my passion for photography.  I attended a photo clinic on Naragansett Bay in 2014 with Onne van der Wal, who takes amazing aerial photographs from manned aircraft. I imagined what it would be like for me to get a shot of a classic 12 Metre, such as the one below, with a UAS.  Hence was born my interest in aerial photography.

Heritage, a historic 12 metre, in Narragansett Bay at sunset (©2014 Dave Lincoln)

The legal landscape for UAV’s is changing on a daily basis, so I keep up to date on the legal, regulatory, and technological advances in UAVs.  As an engineer and a lawyer, I bridge the gap between the technical and legal aspects of UAS and provide news alerts on the blog section of this website for the general public to read.

Dave Lincoln, sharing my posts with the crowd at Team Delaware International Drone Day, March 2015
This is me, discussing insurance as it applies to UAS businesses with the crowd at Team Delaware International Drone Day, March 2015

Kristen, Dave’s husband joined Duke of Drones in 2015.  To find out about her background, check out her own professional website.

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