Apple’s Self-Made No Fly Zone

According to one report, Apple Computer is taking its penchant for secrecy to new heights (excuse the pun). Security guards are telling UAV operators that they cannot fly over the new headquarter building.

The article doesn’t go into the legal detail I am interested in, but I’m guessing the guards are on weak ground in some cases and stronger in others.

Commercial operators need to comply with Part 107 or 333.  The former, and likely the latter, would require specific permission since the headquarters is a congested, populated area.  Hobbiests are another story, however.  Recall my post where the FAA’s position is that once a UAV is flying, the he land owner has no say – even the National Park Service.

There is also generally applicable recourse against those engaged in corporate espionage and attempting to steal trade secrets, but that is beyond the scope of this article

No one has forced the issue yet as to private ownership of airspace near the surface but I wouldn’t put it past Apple to try.