Summer Fun

Before I explain why there is a picture of a swim team above, just a reminder that drones and fireworks don’t mix.  While it gives a nice view, I think the title of the YouTube below explains why this is not a good idea:

I posted a couple years ago about Sydney’s fireworks being filmed from a UAS.  But I have to image there was more thought put into a professional production in conjunction with a major broadcaster.  Plus, ABC was a ways away and above the fireworks…they weren’t “Flying a Drone into Exploding Fireworks.”

Drones and Gnomes.

On another summer-related note, my boys had their swim team picture last night for the Hiddenbrook Hurricanes.  I’ve said before that nothing gets a kid’s attention like a drone.  That  isn’t always a good thing, but in this case it was.  You can image how hard it was to get this many kids (and my for a time screaming 3 year old) ready for a team photo.  But out came the drone, and every child was captivated and ready to get their picture taken!

Waving at the Drone!