News Round-up June 15, 2017 and a Flashback

Today is my son’s 10th birthday and it’s been almost two years since we had a great vacation down in Cape May and I took these photos with a 3DR Solo, so hence the cover photo.

My 10 year old son with a 3DR Solo controller in his hand. The header picture is him with our three year old. Both are on the beach at Cape May, New Jersey.

The Phoenix ACE RAD is reportedly the first Radiation Monitoring UAV out on the market.  The detection payload components are being offered by BNC Scientific.  I wonder how the components have been designed to limit radiation effects on the hardware, but that is likely export controlled and can’t be published online.

A new twist on firefighting drone development – a UAS that can hold a firefighting hose over a fire.  This concept is well over the FAA’s Part 107 limitations but should be able to get a public use COA, if it makes it into development.  The article discusses technical issues with the current numbers.

In Military news:

A mine-detecting UAS is being developed through the Office of Naval Research based on a commercially-available airframe with a customized “magnetometer sensor suite—which has an extensive detection range and uses complex algorithms to differentiate between various types of objects.”


Nasdaq reports that Boeing subsidiary Insitu Won an $8M Bid for operational-use Blackjack UAS from the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command, Pax River, MD with USMC funds for use by the USMC.

A Washington Post article about ISIS drones. Further East, on the better side of news, a top member of the Haqqani terrorist network has reportedly been hit in a UAS strike.

The Israeli Air Force has been logging record flight hours and is planning the future of their UAS operations.

I’ll finish with a video.  One someone took of Muscle Beach – this beach in California has a history of which I was not aware!