Drones in the Ocean State Housing Market!

Today’s post will be brief so you can enjoy the great aerial photography courtesy of a friend from my New England days, Donnie Bennett.  He is a realtor up in the Ocean State (as well as DJ, talk show host, skilled photographer, and all-around great guy).

As you can probably tell from his website, he finds ways to innovate for his clients. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when I heard he got into aerial photography.  Given his skill and the natural beauty of (much of) Rhode Island, it is sure not to disappoint.

I enjoyed hearing how he has used the Part 107 requirements regarding operating over others to his advantage.  He provides flyers to neighbors and attempts to meet them – both to explain what he is doing and sharing his business.  There has been a lot of talk about how to address some of the thornier issues regarding using UAS in populated areas and I think Donnie hit it on the head – you can’t legislate courtesy.

Not to be outdone, Zillow has an update for Real Estate agents who want to get into the aerial photo game too.  Except for one comment, there is no mention of insurance, however.  This is a glaring lapse, in my opinion.  I’ve written about insurance options for UAS a few times and I encourage those using UAS to look closely and get legal advice about their options.


I also am sharing a link to his company’s Facebook page.  The cover photo is actually one of mine – taken during an on-the-water photo lesson with Onne van der Wal a few years back.