Paolo e Noemia d’Amico Winery

I have not been able to post since Unmanned Systems 2015, but I serendipitously came upon an idea for a post yesterday evening.  I stray from UAS for a bit, but keep reading and I promise it will circle back to UAS.

My wife and I enjoy visiting Madison Wine Shop in downtown Madison, CT, a family-owned shop that was rebuilt after a devastating fire in June 2013.   On Friday evenings there is often a wine tasting and the owners, Whitney and John Algieri make wonderful selections that have expanded our wine horizons.  You can follow them on Facebook for updates.

The owners inside of Madison Wine Shop

Yesterday evening they had Riccardo Bertocci from Paolo e Noemia d’Amico in Tuscany running a tasting of wines from Italy.  The wines were all absolutely amazing, particularly the Umbrian Cabernet Franc, Atlante.  Unfortunately at $85 it was above our price range for a casual Friday night, but it was a pleasure to taste.  We did get a couple of more moderately priced, but still amazing, wines from them – shown below.



Paolo e Noemia d’Amico is located in Italy and I’ve attached a map with its general location.  It is a beautiful estate, and the wine cellar is particularly stunning.  I’ve also attached a few pictures, and a Condé Nast Traveller article about the estate.

Most importantly for the blog, there is a video shot by a drone.  It even goes into the wine cellar with an exciting trip through the halls leading to it.  I don’t have an embed code, but click on the link in the previous sentence and the video should start after it loads.  I hope to get a bit more information about the video, but for now enjoy the amazing views.

Winery Vaiano, Private Property (, Italy 18_-_Villa_Tirrena_Sculpture_Gardens_3