3DR Solo Videos

I have been silent lately, as I am in the process of moving to Virigina and I have not had a reliable internet connection for some time.  I have been following the UAV news and making some myself.

I got a hold of the new 3DR Solo, a highly advanced consumer UAS.  The gimbal wasn’t released when I purchased it, so the video is taken with a fixed GoPro Hero 3+.  These were all taken during a family reunion in Cape May, New Jersey.  I must say the weather was significantly better than when I was there for the NJIT test flight in January.

One of the most interesting features of the 3DR Solo is its capability to lock onto a target for video feeds.  Here is a video I took in “Orbit” mode of Fire Control Tower No. 23, part of Fort Miles’ protection of the entrance to the Delaware River.  The Solo was set to circle around the tower at a radius of 65′, and you can see that it did so splendidly.  This was with fairly noticeable morning winds coming from the ocean!


Cape May Lighthouse:

My son and another boy at the reunion were magnetically drawn to the drone.  This was on the beach once the crowds had died down.

Note: I reviewed state and local regulations, and used discretion in flying in the morning/evening when few others were around.

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