Exciting Changes to Duke of Drones

The blog has been quiet as I prepare for some exciting changes in my life and to Duke of Drones.  Please stay tuned – I’ll try to post sporadically, but look for a big announcement in July.


In the meantime, I found this article interesting.  The big money in UAS, as in many industries, has been in contracting with the Department of Defense.  It can be lucrative for the right company, but requires patience and understanding of the federal procurement system.

I found an article about the shift in the opposite direction.  AUVSI reported on the regearing that companies are required to make to go from defense contracting to civilian markets.

“Dollars per flight hour becomes irrelevant,” said Steve Gitlin, a VP at AeroVironment.  “Instead the question is, ‘what percentage yield improvement can you deliver for my farm.’” It is all about return on investment.

The military and civilian market are very different.  It is good news to see a shift to the civilian side, which means the market is truly taking off!  For manufacturers and service providers, it means that they have to take a look at their business before diving in.

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