Dongfeng’s New Mast

This weekend was spring cleaning so I haven’t been watching the UAS news that closely.  However, I did have an update that is tangentially related to UAS.

I wrote about Dongfeng and its on-board photographer, Sam Greenfield.  They are a team in the Volvo Ocean Race and Sam is a photographer from Connecticut who filed an amazing video from a UAS on the open ocean.

Unfortunately, they had a rough rounding of Cape Horn and damaged their mast near the bottom of the world!  Fortunately everyone was ok, but it cost they had to retire from the leg and lost points for the Aukland, New Zealand to Itajai, Brazil leg of the race.

Map of break

Here is video of the damage during the storm:

Some photos from Dongfeng’s Facebook page on the progress of the replacement mast, and one beautiful shot with dolphins along side are below (various credits, see Facebook) .  You can follow the team’s progress and they should be getting into Itajai anytime.  I wish them luck with the new mast and hope to get some more great footage from Sam as they sail up to Newport!  I’m looking forward to seeing them and the other boats in May.

Dolphin On planeComing off planeOff plane mast on planeOn truck