DJI Phantom 3 Unveiled (and Amazon gets its 333)

DJI announced the Phantom 3 this week.  It looks similar to the Phantom 2 but has much more “under the hood.”  As part of their announcement, they showed off the 4K video option by posting a video taken by a Phantom 3 over Lake Hillier, Middle Island, Australia.

Still from Phantom 4K

Wikipedia explains the pink color is created by a microorganism called Dunaliella salina, which interacts with the the salt content in the lake to create a red dye.

Make sure to select 4K in settings on the video below, if you have the bandwidth to do so.  The video quality is amazing, especially on the Apple Retina display!  As an aside, one of the great things about this blog is exploring different parts of the world through the eyes of UAS and their users.  This is a place I’d never heard of but find fascinating.

In other news, this past Wednesday another UAS giant, Amazon, finally received the 333 exemption it has been seeking.  Apparently the Congressional testimony and report of R&D just over the Canadian border spurred the FAA into action.  The exemption is one of the now fairly boilerplate ones that have been issued by the FAA. Unfortunately the details of the aircraft were filed confidentially and are not available for review.

(The featured image on the main page is a still shot taken from the 4K video linked to above.  Note that DJI refers to “Pink Lake,” which is a Lake on the mainland of Western Australia.  Based on the geography, I am confident this is “Lake Hillier”on Middle Island, part of Recherche Archipelago off of Western Australia. )

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  1. Fascinating! Not that I’m an Eco-nut, but I’m liking the fact that we can see so many places with fly overs without the pollution from engines.

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