Cape Henlopen High School Drone Photography

Today I am writing from “sea.”  It’s really just a ferry crossing of Long Island Sound, so nothing too exciting.  An article caught my attention since one of the ferries (although not the one I’m on), is called the Cape Henlopen.  I saw this article in Delaware’s Cape Gazette about a class at Cape Henlopen High School.
Students in Jason Fruchtman’s photography class at Cape Henlopen High School, pictured below, are learning how to safely operate Inspire drones purchased with a combination of district funds and fundraising as a way to capture stunning photographs.  It is great to see that Mr. Fruchtman and Cape Henlopen High are teaching the students skills that are interesting and useful in a country where technology advances daily.
Some of the images are below.  Photo credits:  Melissa Steele (class photo), Sara Desmond (high school and football game), Jason Fruchtman (seaside photos).  Congratulations to the class for the amazing pictures and keep up the good work!
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For those who are interested in an aside, below is a photo I took of the ferry M/V Cape Henlopen following a summer evening race on Fisher’s Island Sound.  The ship is named after Cape Henlopen, Delaware, but was originally named the USS Buncombe County (LST-510).   It is run by nice family business called Cross Sound Ferry and now sails between New London, CT and Orient, NY.  As the USS Buncombe County, it landed at Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944 was part of the D-Day invasion of Normandy.  It was an honor sailing on a ship that took part in that offensive.
Finally, I have designed a new logo for the site.  I took this shot of a UAS taking off and it is styled to bring together the cutting-edge modern UAS industry while reminiscing about the Art Deco golden age of propeller flight.
I took this photo from the point of Cape May, the corner of New Jersey during a run after the NJIT test flight.  In the far distance on the left would be Cape Henlopen.  Cape May and Cape Henlopen mark the entrance to the Delaware River.
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