Aerial Photos of NYC

I was traveling this morning, but had a beautiful flight out of NYC this morning.  The flight was scheduled for 7:59 but we didn’t take off until 10:30 because they “couldn’t find the first officer.”  However, there were some beautiful views once airborne.  Enjoy the photos, and more substantive posts will be back.

Old hangers at LaGuardia being demolished:IMG_7986



New York City from the air (a manned airplane, not a drone!):IMG_8003



IMG_8007 IMG_8008One of the longest piers in the world at Naval Weapons Station Earle, NJ (strategically placed during WWII to be near NYC but away from population centers and the main shipping channels.  The latter two pictures are obviously not from the air – I took them from a patrol boat when I was working a case in Earle a few years back.  The aerial photo doesn’t do the size of the pier justice!


9971600496_ba74aa397f_k 9958993014_ebbf5c269a_h

Norfolk, VA, home to the largest Naval Base in the world: