Team Delaware International Drone Day

Today was the Team Delaware International Drone Day at Brandywine Creek State Park.  It was a chilly day but a beautiful park and a great place for the event. My wife was reminiscing about the cross country races she ran there when she was at Padua Academy in Wilmington, but the rolling hills and large fields made it a great place for flying drones too!

Thank you to everyone who listed to me speak.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at   If you are interested in insurance coverage, wife Kristen at can help. (as my wife, I guess she is technically the Dutchess of Drones, but she’s fine with just “Kristen”). Also, I wasn’t able to catch too many names while I was there.  If you see a picture below that is of you or your drone, please let me know.  I’m happy to credit you and/or send you the full size file.Flyer

There were a number of tents set up with local companies that sell and operate UAS, an FPV race course, and a flight line for standard flying.  The team received permission from the park to fly, had the FAA issue a NOTAM for the event, and ensured that everyone was operating safety.  It was a great event and I am thankful that Dan Herbert of Sky Gear Solutions invited me to speak.

Team Delaware 20 Team Delaware 21 Team Delaware 23 Team Delaware 22I gave a brief talk on risk mitigation for UAS operation and mentioned some of the good uses for UAS – the Koala research along Australia’s Sunshine Coast seemed quite appealing given the chilly day.  I won’t summarize my talk since all has been discussed here before.  I was hoping to stay longer but the baby was tired and we had to get on the road back to Connecticut.


Team Delaware 19
I loved this sweatshirt. It reminded me of the test flight in Cape May!
Team Delaware 10
FPV racing – they were going too fast for me to catch.
Team Delaware 11
FPV Course
Team Delaware 12
Will Webber – the most interesting Realtor in Delaware!
Team Delaware 4
Even the dog was into it.

Team Delaware 18 Team Delaware 17 Team Delaware 13 Team Delaware 14 Team Delaware 15 Team Delaware 16 Team Delaware 8 Team Delaware 7 Team Delaware 6 Team Delaware 5 Team Delaware 3 Team Delaware 2


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