Crossrail, Abu Dhabi, and 3DR update

The Abu Dhabi Business Centre, an affiliate of the Department of Economic Development, announced that sales of UAS will be banned in Abu Dhabi until new laws are passed that regulate UAS.  This follows an incident in January where the Abu Dhabi Airport was shut down temporarily due to a drone sighting.  The General Civil Aviation Authority is supposedly in the final stages of developing their regulations.  In the meantime, Abu Dhabi has surpassed the U.S. in terms of UAS restrictions.

On the other hand, BBC received authorization to fly a DJI Phantom in the Crossrail, a giant underground train tunnel project in London.  It took four months for BBC to negotiate a plan with the Crossrail safety team, but they got it done!

Finally, here is an article I wrote for my firm: WINDS OF CHANGE: A FLURRY OF UAS REGULATORY PROPOSALS.

Also, an update to a prior post.  I previously reported that 3D Robotics was second in the funding race for drone companies.  That information is out of date. They are number one after they received $50 M in the most recent round of funding.  They have also teamed with Qualcomm to use their Snapdragon chipsets in UAS.

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