Public Opinion on UAS

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A recent Reuters poll found that a plurality of people oppose UAV use by private citizens.  42% are opposed, 30% approve, and 28% have been under a rock since Christmas and are unsure.  Interestingly, 68% believe UAS should be used by police to help solve crime.  I was somewhat surprised by that number, give the number of stories about public opposition to UAV use by police.

Count J.J. Abrams as one of the 42% who are probably opposed to the use of UAS, especially since Star Wars fans have been attempting to penetrate his notoriously tight set with drones. On a related note, there is now a Battle Droid Drone(from Episodes I-III according to my older son who knows knows most Star Wars related facts).  Maybe it can go up against the Millennium Falcon drone.
Droid Drone
PrecisionHawk, which works out of Indiana, North Carolina, and Ontario Canada, recently announced LATAS (Low Altitude Tracking and Avoidance System).  This product is intended to track UAS in the National Airspace System and help safely integrate them into it.  It is advertised as providing flight planning, tracking, and sense & avoid capability – all major concerns of the FAA.  (JAN 19 hearing post).  It is still in the testing phase, but this is promising!

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