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Burnz Eye View

I’ve generally stopped reporting on the specific details of 333 exemptions since they’re coming a bit quicker and have become somewhat formulaic.  However, one caught my eye – Burnz Eye View.  Burnz Eye View is a company based in San Diego that creates videos for use in real estate sales.  They requested a 333 exemption in order to use UAS to film real estate from the air so brokers can include that in their marketing materials.

The owner, Mark Burns, was recently profiled in UAS Magazine.  He is a former Marine with experience in aerial photography and hopes to expand his business nationally.  As a vet myself I am more than happy to help promote other vets and their businesses!  I also think using aerial photography for real estate sales is a fantastic idea.  I haven’t used aerial photos before, but I can say that pictures make a big difference in real estate.  I always have taken my own and given them to the agent.  Sometimes the agents are well-intentioned but don’t have the photographic equipment that I do so we’ve gone through together and used my camera.  Others have failed to recognize the importance of photos, so I took the initiative myself.  However, getting a picture from above to truly understand the property is wonderful.

Example aerial images – © Burnz Eye View – used under §107 Fair Use for reporting

From my review of the exemption, they are authorized to use a DJI Phantom 2 to record aerial video of real estate.  They have guaranteed that their pilots will have at least 100 hours of flight time prior to operating under the exemption and that each will have a private pilot certificate and a third-class airman medical certificate.  They will also have a visual observer present during flight.  The exemption is not limited geographically either, good news for Burnz Eye View.

However, as with other 333 exemptions, operation within 500 feet of people, buildings, or vessels is prohibited unless the people are under cover and owners of property have granted their permission.  This will be tough when it comes to real estate, especially given recent public opinion on UAS, but since the company’s videos are geared toward luxury real estate there might be sufficient land to accommodate this requirement.  There are a number of maintenance, training, weather, reporting, and administrative requirements as well that I will not go into.  Operations are under VFR rules during the day, and they must still obtain a COA from the local Air Traffic Control tower before flight.

I’ll finish with an interesting video that was on their website.  It is long but interesting.

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