Niagara Falls Frozen Over

If you haven’t heard, Niagara Falls is almost 85% frozen over!  There have been pictures all over the internet, and NBC News posted a video taken from a drone (from the Canadian side of course – they don’t have the legal ability to use it in the US).  The last time Niagara Falls froze over completely was in 1848!

The Daily Mail is great at including pictures in their articles, and they didn’t fail on this story.

Niagara Falls – Daily Mail Feb 2015
Niagara Falls – I took this photo 3 years ago today!


The drone video from NBC is embedded below.  I was having some trouble with the embed, so here is the link to the NBC site.  There isn’t a ton of actual drone coverage since a good portion is dedicated to interviews, but it is still worth a look.  Enjoy.


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