Call for videos – 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima

I had a post all set to launch today, but it is delayed until tomorrow.  I heard a spot on the news reminding us that today is the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima.  The Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation has started a 36 day drive to raise money for their mission and has asked people to share videos of them and their family/friends raising the flag in memory of the Battle of Iwo Jima.  I encourage you to do so – and maybe try to get one from above (to keep in the UAS theme of this blog).  If you do PLEASE check to make sure you are within FAA hobby guidelines and if you are doing it in a public place, check with local authorities to obtain written permission!  This can be an opportunity to use a UAS to commemorate and important event in our history.

This isn’t the 70th anniversary of the iconic flag raising on Mt. Suribachi – the battle lasted 36 days and the United States suffered heavy casualties (6,800 killed, 25,000 wounded).  The Japanese, however, had almost 19,000 killed, virtually their entire force on the island.


Iwo Jima and Mt. Suribachi – then and now

United States Marines made up the bulk of the American force and my words cannot describe the battle and the loss they suffered.  The power of photography to capture a moment is evident in Joe Rosenthal’s photograph of the Marines (and one Navy Corpsman) raising the flag following a hard fought victory.  This sacrifice isn’t always being taught in school, so it is up to us to pass to our children the sacrifices Americans have made for our freedom.

The Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation’s primary mission is to provide financial support for the education of children of Marines and Law Enforcement officers who died while on Active Duty.  We have been at war for over the last decade and have lost many soldiers to battle.  Many have left behind children, and the MC-LEF has been working to help those children.

From their website:

The “$70 for 70 Drive” is a 36 day campaign from February 19th thru March 26th. Our goal is to reach $500,000.00 or more in donations.

We encourage all patriotic Americans to make a flag raising video, as Greg did, to commemorate the historic flag rising on Mt. Suribachi 70 years ago, and to nominate three of your friends to participate in this campaign. While $70 is the suggested amount, paying tribute to the 70th anniversary of the invasion, any financial contribution is greatly appreciated. HELP MC-LEF reach our goal and continue our mission of honoring our fallen by educating the children of those who sacrificed all.

Be sure to include the hashtag #70for70 when you share your video on your social media pages. Additionally, please send your flag raising video to MC-LEF by emailing us at and we’ll share it on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

(please also add @dophoto or email it to me so I can share).

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