There was some UAS news today that I wanted to briefly address, so I’m going for the blogging hat trick.  A guy named Rahul Sasi has claimed to have created malware that can hack into a drone.

I don’t know enough about computer code to understand whether he’s legit or not, but he has a video.  This is interesting because at the House Science Committee hearing, one Congressman in particular was concerned about the potential for hacking.  As with any computer system, it is inevitable, but it is something few have probably considered.  Those using UAS as part of a business (assuming they are doing so legally), should consider cyber insurance. Feel free to email me if you need a reference for a broker because you want to protect yourself.

Obama’s attention is finally on UAS and maybe he’ll actually get his agency to pass the regulations we are all waiting for.  I will note, as mentioned yesterday, that flying a UAS in DC is already prohibited.

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