Another Connecticut Update

I am admittedly behind the curve ball on this story, which I heard about today from Joe Acosta of Build Right Fly Right Hobbies.  I’ll defend by saying that I had a newborn at the time and wasn’t exactly following the news closely.  In summary, a woman was arrested for assaulting a man using a UAV at Hammonasset State Park after she became upset that he was taking photos along the crowded beach.

The story made national news and put people throughout the state on high alert.  The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) clarified its ban on the use of UAV in parks; enforced under its disorderly conduct regulations.  There are special use exemptions available – for example the Northeastern Drone Society has an exception for use in Truman Meadows.

This ban isn’t well publicized as far as I can tell, and this document says it is “probably limited to operator and takeoff/landing,” However, one should consider the optics and I wouldn’t want to lecture a Connecticut State Police officer about the FAA’s authority in air at the scene.  I’m not suggesting one should or should not overfly a park from another location, but want to point out the various considerations.

A couple of my photos at Hammonassett (from land of course):

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