Afghan rugs, Chernobyl, and Winter X Games

In a lighter post, I wanted to illustrate some interesting ways that UAS have entered our culture.

I recently purchased an Afghan “Oriental” rug for my office and truly enjoy it (Aside:  I strongly recommend the family-owned Kebabian’s, the oldest importer of such rugs in the US).  I found this article which discusses how UAS have shown up in rugs weaved in Afghanistan.  I believe this one depicts a predator drone in the center.

Predator Afghan Rug

ESPN has gained authorization to use UAS during the Winter X Games in Aspen this year.  There are limits similar to those the FAA has placed on other organizations who have gained exemptions.  For example, the UAS have to be in controlled environments and cannot be used over people.  I can’t find a 333 Exemption, so I’m wondering if they are using one of the companies previously granted one for the film industry.  I’ll try to track down more info when I have a bit more time!

Finally, was in the Navy prior to being a private-practice attorney and worked in the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program.  As such, this video caught my eye:

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