French UAV’s

As discussed in my first post, specifically in the article linked to by it, the French are ahead of the United States in commercial UAV use.  The French postal service, La Poste, is testing the use of UAVs to deliver mail to remote parts of the country, up to 12 miles away from the ground-based user.  DHL was also authorized to use a UAV to deliver medical supplies to an island off of Germany.  Compare this to the treatment of UAVs by the FAA.

Here in the US, proposed regulations are now expected by the end of this month, but Congress is also teeing up a reauthorization bill that includes FAA funding.  I will be following both of these developments closely.  The latter is likely to include firmer guidance than the last bill, whose timeline the FAA is unlikely to meet.

The French Newspaper Le Monde, published a video entitled: “L’année 2014 vue par les drones” (“2014 from the view of drones”).  Note that there is one scene that is inappropriate for children or work toward the end, but it does illustrate the privacy concerns associated with UAVs in the hands of less than reputable users.  However, most of the video illustrates the benefits that can be gained from responsible and appropriately regulated UAVs.

This video is of the beautiful principality of Monaco from UAVs:


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