Bad UAV Flight Plans

I’ve collected some websites of videos showing examples of what NOT to do with a UAV. It is important to know your device and think through the flight plan.  Also, make sure to think about the repercussions of a crash.


I’ll start with one that is actually quite beautiful, but could have really gone south.  A UAV in the middle of explosives with lots of people on the ground…

He’s pretty high up, and crashes into someone’s house:

At least this guy had a plan.  This is good to read and watch.  He had a plan and a controlled situation, but a crash still occurred.  Think about what is under your drone, should it lose connectivity or power.  This was a BIG concern at the House hearing a couple weeks ago.  The less responsible people act now, the harder it will be to convince the FAA to approve a wider array of uses:

This just isn’t smart.  No wonder New York City is concerned.  Don’t ruin it for everyone else:

2 thoughts on “Bad UAV Flight Plans”

  1. Love Inside the Explosion. What is the song with that video?
    I am fascinated by the technology and how people on the ground are reacting to being filmed!

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