Bad Press for UAVs over Christmas

Someone had posted an article on Facebook entitled: “Dads With Drones Are Ruining Christmas,” and it got me to thinking about a new post.  There were a few articles that I saw along these lines yesterday and while the rise in UAV availability is a sign of a strong market and lower cost for quality products, it has lowered the barriers to entry into this market.

I am an advocate for the use of UAV’s, but UAVs are getting a bad rap in the press from inexperienced users.   It is paradoxical that those who are trained and have a stake in using UAVs safely (commercial users) are the ones barred from using them, while inexperienced users can launch their UAV without any training.

I’d like to share the experiences of those using UAVs legally and safely to educate the public about the industry and their proper use.  Please send me links and I will share them.  Bad press will only slow the regulatory process, and the best way to counter bad press is to publicize the good side.

I recently posted about UAS America Fund’s proposed regulation to the FAA.  The FAA doesn’t appear that interested in publishing their own regulation anytime soon, and in my experience the only way a regulatory body will move is if the public encourages them to move forward.  I look forward to hearing from you.



One thought on “Bad Press for UAVs over Christmas”

  1. The link you have above about dad’s ruining Christmas is pretty funny! Who would have thought?!

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