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Duke of Drones is winding down as I have started a law firm. Read my most recent posts here.

Otherwise, please visit Lincoln Law PLLC.  Thank you!


Welcome to Duke of Drones, where UAS enthusiasts and companies large and small, established and nascent can come for the most up to date information and advice relating to UAS. We are based in Rochester NY with an office in the National Capitol Region.  We have close ties to New England and Western New York, where we can take advantage of the innovation and expertise of the FAA test site managed by the NUAIR Alliance.


Click on the icon above to download our podcast so you can learn about export law as it applies to UAS!


Some of the issues on which Duke of Drones opines:

  • FAA regulations, understanding navigable airspace requirements, and 333 exemptions
  • Privacy law issues
  • Providing guidance on local regulations for a particular AOR
  • Insurance requirements guidance
  • Compliance with federal export and False Claims Act requirements
  • Developing internal compliance programs for companies desiring to contract with federal or state governments, and assistance with the bidding process
  • Connections with other relevant companies in the industry

We affiliated with:

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Dave Lincoln (the “Duke of Drones”): 401-575-1042 or dave@dukeofdrones.com

Kristen Lincoln: 703-268-6424 or Kristen@dukeofdrones.com


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